Take it with humor :)

Today, I crawled a pile of old eMails and found 2 special-looking ones. They were from a well-known software company. Here’s the First one:

Confirmation [company event] 2011

Dear Mike,

We hereby confirm your registration for the [company event]. Below you will find some useful information about the event.

DATE […]

Please print this confirmation and present it at the registration counter.

Registration starts at 8:00 AM. Coffee and tea will be available. The first session starts at 9:30 AM. The final session ends at 5:00 PM. […]

Business or business casual.

We are looking forward welcoming you at the [company event].

Kindest regards,
The [company event] Team

Of course, I never registered for that conference, but I must have an account on their website for them to have my email address… I guess… Well, here’s the second eMail from them, sent only about two and a half hours after:

Dear Mike,

We sent you a confirmation email for the [company event] in error. Please ignore this email as you did not register for this event.

We apologize for the inconvenience.

Kind regards,
The [company event] Team

Well, not a big deal to me, these things happen. But as it’s such a good weather today and I’m in a pretty good mood (despite me having to get back to work tomorrow after a week off), I answered their second mail… with a bit of humor 🙂

Dear [company event] Team,

Oh dear! What a terrible mistake… I was so looking forward to participating in the event after I got your first mail… Not only was it quite a letdown when I got the second one, but I also had to cancel my flight, the baby- dog- and fish-sitters and get all the food I’d need to stay at home, frustrated, knowing you just virtualized my forum attendance…

Don’t you think I’d deserve a [company product] license for the caused inconvenience? 😉

Best regards,

… looking forward to hearing from them 😀

Note: Used square brackets to anonymize the company, as accusing them isn’t the goal of this post 😉


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