Web2.0 Ajax progress icon generator

I just stumbled upon a neat little Web2.0 tool that lets you generate custom colored variants of the popular Ajax “working” spinning icon. All you have to do is enter front and background colors and booyah, there you have it…

… transparent backgrounds are also an option, which is epic 😉

And here’s where you can find that nice utility:



Welcome, Web2.0!

Allthough I still don’t know if I should approve all the hype about the so-called “Web2.0”, I felt it’s power for the first time as a developer today and I must say: it’s freakin’ impressive.

No it isn’t the first time I came in touch with the technologies enabling Web2.0 (in fact, as a developer, I’m into the news all the time and as a web user I see new widgets appear every day), but writing my first bit of code with Ajax, in combination with a service provided by a third party website, is quite impressive.

You can actually see the result right here in my blog: I wrote the little widget in the right menu bar that says “Recently dugg”. Once you click “Refresh”, it will go out to digg.com and fetch the last couple of stories I dugg over there. I shall add some effects of my jsAnimation package; I’ll check that out later.

I developped it as a WordPress plugin. Don’t know if there is already one that does the job, I just wanted to check out the technologies and see if the handling is ok. I’ll eventually release it under GPL, not sure about that though…

Update: Just added a nice-looking “processing” image that benefits from my jsAnimation sruff… Looks and feels really good now 🙂