Said “Hello” to iPhone

Okay, it’s been a while since my last blog entry. This was mainly because I was awfully busy, which I still am. I just thought this would be a nice occasion to give a sign of life on my blog.

Yesss, I did it! I held an iPhone in my hands! For most of you US people out there this must seem like a ridiculous euphoria given that the iPhone was announced nearly a year ago and released half a year ago. But hey, don’t forget the poor European folks I belong to! It has just been released in Germany and the UK as the two first European countries on November 9th. So on November 10th, I drove over to my neighbor country and went to a “T-Punkt” (the name of the T-Mobile shops in Germany) to finally personally take a look at that device I saw so many times on the net and on tv.

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