[Java] If you can’t login to your Glassfish Admin Console these days…

If you use Oracle’s Glassfish Application Server and cannot login to your admin Web Console (server loads forever after entering credentials), here’s what’s going on:

The Admin Web Application loads the available module updates from java.net upon login… however, if java.net is down (like right now), or if your internet connection died or is slow, your admin console won’t load. No, they didn’t build in a timeout and yes, this is the default behavior. Thanks, Oracle!

Fortunately, there’s a workaround (you might want to apply in any case…). There are two steps to get your Glassfish Server internet-independent:

  1. Disable Automatic Update Checks
    Rename $GLASSFISH_INST/glassfish/modules/console-updatecenter-plugin.jar to console-updatecenter-plugin.jar.disabled
  2. Disable News and other Internet-Dependent Admin GUI Features
    Set the following System Property (you can do that in the Admin GUI -provided that you can open it- in Configuration > JVM Settings > JVM Options):

That’s it! Now go out and enjoy your independent server 🙂