Today’s OS X bug award goes to…

… the “I’m not sure what resolution I’m running!”-bug!

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Schedule an EyeTV Recording for a given time.
  2. Make sure the EyeTV GUI isn’t currently running.
  3. Be sure you’re playing a game, e.g. Nexuiz in my case, by the time EyeTV should start to record the show.
  4. Also be sure that game uses a different screen resolution than what your OS X normally runs
  5. While EyeTV’s still recording, quit the game and select the EyeTV window
  6. There you are!

OS X Menubar bug

Don’t know if this is reproducible and if it’s an OS X or an EyeTV bug, but it’s funny: I select the EyeTV window and the menu bar snaps to a smaller screen, also EyeTV’s full screen mode is like a ninth of my screen size. As I select another application, like the finder, the menu bar snaps back to the full screen width and everything’s back to normal.