Stop the domain parking madness!

Parked WebsiteF that… I came up with a cool idea for a Web2.0 project while taking a shower yesterday. Now I’m looking for a cool name, I came up with a bunch of good ones (like 5 or so), which is unusual for me. So it is even more frustrating that every single domain I tried is parked! That’s right: not just taken, I would be ok with that, but parked.

For those of you who don’t know what domain parking is, it’s basically registering a domain “just in case”, “for future use” or “just to own it” but not putting any real content on it. Service providers like GoDaddy even offer putting ads on such domains so that whoever registered them can earn money. While that might sound like a funny method to earn money, the side effects are huge.

Flash forward to 2015…

I have about 350 domains. That’s not a problem since they only cost 20 cents a year.

My buddy has been hired as “domaineer” by a local toiletbrush seller, he’s registering internet domain names for them all day long “so they own them… just in case”.

Google and the W3C announced that they will introduce a new HTTP status code: 40404. It makes perfect sense since a “this domain is parked” is way more likely than a “page not found”. Status code 404 has been deprecated.

Seriously <insert name of internet organization having the autohority to forbid domain parking>, DO SOMETHING AGAINST IT!

Update: W00t! Finally found one 🙂 More infos later (might take a while since it’s an in-my-spare-time project)…

Web2.0 Ajax progress icon generator

I just stumbled upon a neat little Web2.0 tool that lets you generate custom colored variants of the popular Ajax “working” spinning icon. All you have to do is enter front and background colors and booyah, there you have it…

… transparent backgrounds are also an option, which is epic 😉

And here’s where you can find that nice utility:

Sharing a Blueray thought

Blueray LogoWhile I was trying to explain, in simple words, what the whole HD-DVD / Blueray battle has been all about, I came up with a nice sentence I thought would be interesting to share, so I’m quoting myself:

What Sony did? Well, they reinvented the wheel once again and now it’s our turn to pay them therefor.

Dr. House killed my Mac!

It is possible! It took me like 9 months but today I experienced my first kernel panic on my Mac. If you don’t know what a kernel panic is, it’s basically comparable to a “Blue Screen Of Death” in the Windows world. NOW ya know what I mean, dontcha? The biggest difference is the frequency at which it happens. While it happens regularly on Windows (at least on nearly all Win machines I have ever dealt with), seeing it happen on a Mac is quite a unique event. It has been said lots of times but let me join the chorus: Even BlueScreens (well, kernel panics in this case) look better on Macs… w00t!! 😀

Oh, and just in case you’re wondering what Dr. House has to do with it: The KP happened while I was browsing through an EyeTV Recording of Dr. House 😉

Dr. House killed my Mac!

I just hope this was a software caused KP, because if it wasn’t, chances are that my RAM is dying… which would suck… but let’s be optimistic.

Today’s OS X bug award goes to…

… the “I’m not sure what resolution I’m running!”-bug!

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Schedule an EyeTV Recording for a given time.
  2. Make sure the EyeTV GUI isn’t currently running.
  3. Be sure you’re playing a game, e.g. Nexuiz in my case, by the time EyeTV should start to record the show.
  4. Also be sure that game uses a different screen resolution than what your OS X normally runs
  5. While EyeTV’s still recording, quit the game and select the EyeTV window
  6. There you are!

OS X Menubar bug

Don’t know if this is reproducible and if it’s an OS X or an EyeTV bug, but it’s funny: I select the EyeTV window and the menu bar snaps to a smaller screen, also EyeTV’s full screen mode is like a ninth of my screen size. As I select another application, like the finder, the menu bar snaps back to the full screen width and everything’s back to normal.

Microsoft gives early x-mas gift to Web developers!

I just got my early x-mas gift from Microsoft. No, it’s not an Xbox360 (which would have been great as well). Actually, it came to me in form of a link in an iChat window… a link to an msdn blog:

Internet Explorer 8 passed ACID2 test!

To me, this is the best Microsoft news for whole freaking 2007. I have been hoping for this since I left the “3-column-table-design” pattern some years ago. IE7 was already slightly a bit better than IE6 (yeh, png transparency is great), but it still sucked when it came to the standards.

To you Microsoft, let me say this: if IE8 is available for free (and by that I mean no genuine advantage stuff) on XP and upwards and if it renders my XHTML/CSS standard code without extra-IE-patches, I swear I’m gonna block IE6/IE7 from even trying to view the sites, with an appropriate IE8 download link note of course. So be sure you’ll get my IE8-pushing support if you do well!

Sure, it’s been overdue but nevertheless, this news is epic… I’m happy for the rest of my day now, cheers 🙂

Getting current directory in an included PHP file

I stumble upon that problem every time I do more complex PHP script includes…

Say /home/mysite/index.php includes /home/mysite/someframework/API.php. The problem is retrieving /home/mysite/someframework/ from within API.php. Since API.php isn’t called directly, all $_SERVER[] variables won’t match, they would refer to index.php.

The trick is sooo easy but just complicated enough to get me searching my sources for an occurence every time I need it. That’s why I’ll put it in my blog so I know where to find it and it may serve others the same time:

$pathToThisFile = dirname(realpath(__FILE__));

[Updated] Web Designer’s Nightmare: GIMP PNGs darker on MacOS X 10.5?

I absolutely don’t know where that problem comes from, but there seems to be a rendering issue under MacOS 10.5 Leopard with PNGs created using the GIMP. I stumbled upon this while I was working on a website design I created some time ago. I don’t know if this might be a feature of one of the involved tools but I don’t think so.

Since I switched GIMP and MacOS X versions simultaneously, I’ll mention the versions here to ensure the difference is reproducible. Although you may not see it (depending on your monitor), there is a subtle difference.

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Said “Hello” to iPhone

Okay, it’s been a while since my last blog entry. This was mainly because I was awfully busy, which I still am. I just thought this would be a nice occasion to give a sign of life on my blog.

Yesss, I did it! I held an iPhone in my hands! For most of you US people out there this must seem like a ridiculous euphoria given that the iPhone was announced nearly a year ago and released half a year ago. But hey, don’t forget the poor European folks I belong to! It has just been released in Germany and the UK as the two first European countries on November 9th. So on November 10th, I drove over to my neighbor country and went to a “T-Punkt” (the name of the T-Mobile shops in Germany) to finally personally take a look at that device I saw so many times on the net and on tv.

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