I love new media

Still Alive Remixes album cover

Still Alive Remixes album cover

Those who know me have certainly noticed me talking about my love for new media companies (especially Revision3) all the time. Yep, media is changing, no doubt about that. And to me, the increasing popularity and value of video games is part of it.

Remember the old days when you had your small little NES with shitty monochrome graphics and some quirky music banging from the speaker? Well, in case you didn’t notice, those days are gone.

Fast forward to today… in the BlueRay age, we have high definition handhelds and gaming consoles. On a sidenote, I just attached my 360 to the Surround Decoder I bought 2 weeks ago, and it’s absolutely epic đŸ˜€ But not only the playback has been improved, distribution has evolved too.

Nice little example happened toady, and let me highlight the elements that wouldn’t have been 10 years ago:

I was watching trailers and in-game-footage from Mirror’s Edge on YouTube. That game looks amazing and I’m definitely going to get it. I could buy it online right now, but I’ll wait until I’ll be in the shop next time and do it old school ;-). On some of the trailers, they had the “official Mirror’s Edge soundtrack” playing in the background while showing off amazingly realistic over-the-rooftops-action from the game (when did games start to have commercial-grade soundtracks again?). The combination of that song with those high definition video sequences instantly got me. As soon as I got home, I fired up the iTunes store and searched for Mirror’s Edge. NOTE: I was looking for music from Lisa Miskovsky, an artist I never heard about until today! Not only have I found the soundtrack, but a whole album of remixes, done (just for that game) by some of the best DJs around… AMAZING! Instantly bought a couple of DRM-Free versions of that soundtrack. Right now, I’m blogging about it, maybe someone will read this article, go check out the song on iTunes or Amazon and buy it there, who knows…

There are days where all that stuff just overwhelms me and I put on my happy pants đŸ™‚

Ok, nuff said, here’s the song I’m talking about:

Lisa Miskovsky – Still Alive (The Theme from “Mirror’s Edge”) [Radio Edit]

The iTunes Album “Still Alive (The Theme from “Mirror’s Edge”) [The Remixes]” is here.


Ubisoft details Assassin’s Creed PC enhancements — wait, WTF?!

Assassin’s CreedJoystiq just released this article, which talks about Ubisoft’s enhancements in the upcoming PC version of Assassin’s Creed. As you may have seen in my Xbox360 GamerCard, Assassin’s Creed is currently my most played game. I really like the overall gameplay and the innovative thinking behind it. Like everyone else though, I hate it’s repetitiveness.

To counter that repetitiveness, Ubisoft is now going to improve the game by adding new mission types, great! But wait, they only do it in the yet-to-be-released PC version?! As a 360 fan, I feel kinda whipped by that announcement. I mean, it’s great they listen to the critics, really, but I hope they’ll do it right.

By that I mean as a 360 gamer, I did pay the freakin’ 60 bucks for the game and I guess the PC version’s price won’t be far above. Now, if PC gamers, for the same price, get an enhanced version of the game with more features, I really hope Ubisoft is going to release a free update for the 360 version of Assassin’s Creed so 360 dudes don’t get screwed.

Agreed, I’m fairly new to the whole console business but come on, that can’t be it!?! Protect the platform neutrality!! (whatever that means…)

W00t, got my 360!

I did it. I pleased myself and went to Saturn, a German tech market, in Aachen to get an Xbox360. I wasn’t willing to pay 450 Euros for the elite (and they didn’t have it there anyway), so I got the normal 360. They had a 360 + Halo 3 bundle, not the “golden” Special Halo3 Xbox but a “normal” white Xbox with the game bundled. Since Halo is kind of the holy grail of first person shooters for 360 owners, I wanted to buy it anyway so the bundle came perfectly right for me :-). Added Call Of Duty 4 and Assassin’s Creed and I was ready to rock!

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