Stop the domain parking madness!

Parked WebsiteF that… I came up with a cool idea for a Web2.0 project while taking a shower yesterday. Now I’m looking for a cool name, I came up with a bunch of good ones (like 5 or so), which is unusual for me. So it is even more frustrating that every single domain I tried is parked! That’s right: not just taken, I would be ok with that, but parked.

For those of you who don’t know what domain parking is, it’s basically registering a domain “just in case”, “for future use” or “just to own it” but not putting any real content on it. Service providers like GoDaddy even offer putting ads on such domains so that whoever registered them can earn money. While that might sound like a funny method to earn money, the side effects are huge.

Flash forward to 2015…

I have about 350 domains. That’s not a problem since they only cost 20 cents a year.

My buddy has been hired as “domaineer” by a local toiletbrush seller, he’s registering internet domain names for them all day long “so they own them… just in case”.

Google and the W3C announced that they will introduce a new HTTP status code: 40404. It makes perfect sense since a “this domain is parked” is way more likely than a “page not found”. Status code 404 has been deprecated.

Seriously <insert name of internet organization having the autohority to forbid domain parking>, DO SOMETHING AGAINST IT!

Update: W00t! Finally found one 🙂 More infos later (might take a while since it’s an in-my-spare-time project)…

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