OMG, what a morbid movie!

Let’s talk about a movie I just saw. I don’t pretend being a movie reviewer, I’m just letting my thoughts out…

Hostel: Part II PosterOK, I pretend having seen quite a lot of movies. I’ve seen all kinds of flicks, some with lots of rotten content, but this one is the first to make it to my blog. What a massacre…

I’m talking about Hostel: Part II.

I’d say I don’t get shocked easily. Of all the movies I saw to date, 8MM was the one I found the most *shocking* (remember that gramophone scene in “machine”‘s house, freakin’ epic!). So it’s not that Hostel: Part II freaks me out because it has especially shocking content (although the content is pretty rough), but what made me freak out is that it actually is a real movie that made it to theaters and dvds and stuff…

It’s like, while watching it, I wasn’t thinking “oh my god, what are they doing to those people?”, I rather was thinking “oh my freakin’ god, what’s wrong with the writers and directors to come up with such morbid ideas?!”. This whole movie just felt soooo wrong to me. When it was over, I was literally thinking “what a bunch of sick bastards…”. I mean if, in real life, you go tell your psychiatrist you’re having thoughts like the scenes pictured in that movie, he’s instantly going to shut you in. They are doing a Hollywood movie out of it.

MPAA’s comment kinda agrees with me I guess:

Rated R for sadistic scenes of torture and bloody violence, terror, nudity, sexual content, language and some drug content.

That sounds like the most evil piece of flick you can ever get… and, to me, it is.It may be my taste. I prefer horror / thrillers where the story is mature and sophisticated (like the Saw series). There may be lots of blood, but it has to be about the story, not about the amount of blood and violence, otherwise, I usually just call it a “butchery”… and Hostel: Part II is just a butchery, and a really sick one on top of everything.

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