W00t, got my 360!

I did it. I pleased myself and went to Saturn, a German tech market, in Aachen to get an Xbox360. I wasn’t willing to pay 450 Euros for the elite (and they didn’t have it there anyway), so I got the normal 360. They had a 360 + Halo 3 bundle, not the “golden” Special Halo3 Xbox but a “normal” white Xbox with the game bundled. Since Halo is kind of the holy grail of first person shooters for 360 owners, I wanted to buy it anyway so the bundle came perfectly right for me :-). Added Call Of Duty 4 and Assassin’s Creed and I was ready to rock!

TV Issue

There’s currently one blocker issue: I’m still waiting for the EyeTV Hybrid I ordered to get the Xbox on my computer screen, so I’m currently forced to hook up the 360 to a stone old TV rotting around in a corner of my room. Unfortunately, it doesn’t support PAL-60 and burns out my eyes after half an hour… so I decided not to start playing the big games yet but stick with the arcade games and demos that come bundled with the 360 until I get the hybrid. So far, I’m OK with the compromise…

You’re not a real Xbox360 owner until…

Now on to the next chapter: turning on the beast. At this point, all 360 owners should ask themselves: “What is the absolute worst thing that could ever happen to you when turning on your 360?”… RIGHT, the Red Ring of Death. Now guess what… yep, I had it: The first time I turned on my brand new 360 it honored me with the Red Ring of Death. Needless to say I was shocked. Turned it off and back on, nothing. Once again, nothing. After 5 or 6 times, suddenly, the Xbox360 logo appeared on the screen and the console booted just fine. I went through the initial setup process and turned it off. Moment of truth… turned it back on again… it worked! Weird. I played a few hours without any problem, turned it off and went away. After waiting a few hours, I went back to the eye-burning TV and turned the 360 back on: Red Ring of Death. Long story short: every time the 360 did a cold start, it needed 5 – 8 tries before it would start up but once started, it was as if there had never been a Red Ring of Death and I’ve even been able to restart it several times without a problem. Really strange!

The replacement

At first, I didn’t want to get it replaced. Yeh, after half a dozen tries it boots right up, so everything’s fine after all, right? Well, no. The internet will confirm it: the Red Ring of Death, even if it magically disappears, is an irrefutable sign that your console is about to die. Since I just bought the thing two days ago, I thought I should give it a try and went back to the Saturn market to get it replaced.

To my great pleasure, the replacement process at Saturn Aachen was epic. Brought the package to the technical service, the guy checked the purchase date (12 months direct replacement) and went into the store to get me a new one, right off the shelve. A stamp on the sales slip and I was on my way back home again… awesome!

The new one booted up right at first try and after I coupled my wireless controler with the new console, I was ready to rock again. Let’s hope this new one will have a long life!

…and let’s hope the EyeTV hybrid will arrive soon…

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