Microsoft gives early x-mas gift to Web developers!

I just got my early x-mas gift from Microsoft. No, it’s not an Xbox360 (which would have been great as well). Actually, it came to me in form of a link in an iChat window… a link to an msdn blog:

Internet Explorer 8 passed ACID2 test!

To me, this is the best Microsoft news for whole freaking 2007. I have been hoping for this since I left the “3-column-table-design” pattern some years ago. IE7 was already slightly a bit better than IE6 (yeh, png transparency is great), but it still sucked when it came to the standards.

To you Microsoft, let me say this: if IE8 is available for free (and by that I mean no genuine advantage stuff) on XP and upwards and if it renders my XHTML/CSS standard code without extra-IE-patches, I swear I’m gonna block IE6/IE7 from even trying to view the sites, with an appropriate IE8 download link note of course. So be sure you’ll get my IE8-pushing support if you do well!

Sure, it’s been overdue but nevertheless, this news is epic… I’m happy for the rest of my day now, cheers 🙂

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