Said “Hello” to iPhone

Okay, it’s been a while since my last blog entry. This was mainly because I was awfully busy, which I still am. I just thought this would be a nice occasion to give a sign of life on my blog.

Yesss, I did it! I held an iPhone in my hands! For most of you US people out there this must seem like a ridiculous euphoria given that the iPhone was announced nearly a year ago and released half a year ago. But hey, don’t forget the poor European folks I belong to! It has just been released in Germany and the UK as the two first European countries on November 9th. So on November 10th, I drove over to my neighbor country and went to a “T-Punkt” (the name of the T-Mobile shops in Germany) to finally personally take a look at that device I saw so many times on the net and on tv.

First things first; the iPhone is awesome (OK, me being an Apple fanboy, you probably expected I would say this). In the first two minutes of playing with it, I was most impressed by core animation and the overall speed of the device. Well, I’m used to the speed of my SE P910i so, for me, the iPhone ran near light-speed. It may be a nice-to-have feature for some, but in my opinion, core animation indeed is a killer feature, clearly distinguishing it from other phones.

As expected, I had some problems using the on-screen keyboard. As most iPhone users tell, the on-screen keyboard is something you’ve got to get used to for some days/weeks before your typing speeds up, so the typing issue didn’t really bother me for my iPhone-initiation-day.

The touch screen was nice. To me, it didn’t seem like the killer feature anymore, but that’s probably because I knew the device very well before seeing it in person, so I knew what to expect from the multi-touch-screen. The digital camera in it was OK for a phone cam, but no killer either. Internet speed was really good, but of course it was going over the T-Mobile hotspot, so no experience on EDGE.

Now to my personal in-brain decisions…

I want an iPhone, but not now.

The main reason is because I’m absolutely not willing to pay 50 Eur/Month for crappy EDGE. I’m a prepaid cell phone user. I only need my phone to send some SMS and to get called. I barely spand 15 Eur/Month for my cell phone now, so although I consider myself a huge Apple fanboy, I totally don’t want to pay 4 times what I’m currently paying just to carry an iPhone around.

The other reason is that I want more than 8 Gig on an iPod. And since the iPhone claims to be an iPod, it definitely should have more than 8 Gigs for me to buy it.

In Belgium, where I live, it is forbidden by law to sell cellphones bundled with contracts only. So, everything points to Apple releasing the iPhone unbound and not locked in Belgium, but for nearly twice the US price.

Although price is always an issue, I could see myself buy an unlocked “iPhone 2” with more memory somewhere in 2008.

For now, I will just lean back and watch…