Welcome, Web2.0!

Allthough I still don’t know if I should approve all the hype about the so-called “Web2.0”, I felt it’s power for the first time as a developer today and I must say: it’s freakin’ impressive.

No it isn’t the first time I came in touch with the technologies enabling Web2.0 (in fact, as a developer, I’m into the news all the time and as a web user I see new widgets appear every day), but writing my first bit of code with Ajax, in combination with a service provided by a third party website, is quite impressive.

You can actually see the result right here in my blog: I wrote the little widget in the right menu bar that says “Recently dugg”. Once you click “Refresh”, it will go out to digg.com and fetch the last couple of stories I dugg over there. I shall add some effects of my jsAnimation package; I’ll check that out later.

I developped it as a WordPress plugin. Don’t know if there is already one that does the job, I just wanted to check out the technologies and see if the handling is ok. I’ll eventually release it under GPL, not sure about that though…

Update: Just added a nice-looking “processing” image that benefits from my jsAnimation sruff… Looks and feels really good now 🙂


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